Reflection of Modernity



By: Ali Arshad Associates, Photos by: Umair Ahmed

The residence is built on a 2000sq yard plot. The client along with his wife and three children, a daughter and two sons, wanted the house to be on modern lines. The Elegance, timeless sophistication of this residence fused with the flow of spaces is a true reflection of modernity.

In this residence, the journey begins as soon as one enters, with accentuated glass windows, exceptionally double-height spaces and the difference of materials and texture. The design of the house is based on straight lines and there is a strong connection between the interiors and the exteriors.

The glazing on the exterior façade continues into the interior spaces. The Juxtaposing white planar walls set against the textured light grey stone walls, the ceaseless flow of spaces with amplified heights adds to the design. Moreover, the combination of wood and glass in the interior finishes creates a variety of textures.

The light grey stones set against the white planar walls that dominate the façade give the house a very linear effect. Some grey stones are used in chunks and some are used in chip form to create an interesting effect. Moreover, the play of scales, as observed in the Drawing room gives a very grandeur, as well as a cool effect.

There is a focus on geometry with light streaming through soaring windows creating an artistic statement. By Day, the surfaces appear to vary almost, but never quite. They are smudged and stammering with moray like images of clouds or water, or greenery, a shimmering image of reflections. By Night the exterior becomes a canvas for a show of light. There is a magical illumination of the changing colors and patterns of endless variations. And the plain glazed tile floor ensures a simple and visually clear, non-clustered floor, thus adding to the illumination of the interior spaces. One can experience the concept of transition and threshold. The definition of space and indeed zones- public, and private are created by thresholds or moments where one experience turns into another. The Entrance and transition, horizontal or vertical, are carefully conceived and articulated. In this house the breakfast area becomes the focus and where most of the activity takes place, hence all the spaces are connected physically as well as visually to it.

One of the sons’ has an independent unit which is very much connected to the main house, yet maintaining its privacy and integrity. The cantilevering glass bridge that sits on top of the pool visually connects the Son’s unit to the rest of the house.

The pool can be visually accessed from almost the entire house. The volume of space that the pool covers really makes the pool prominent, being almost 20ft high. Also, the pool has a wind tunnel effect, since the wind direction is as such; it picks the wind and channelizes it enabling the spaces to be properly ventilated and enhancing the open effect. The play of light and dark are also very evident near the pool.

The floating decks, pergolas and the flat roofs facilitate the connection between the exteriors and the interiors. The walk-in basement takes full advantage of the natural daylight and is well-illuminated during the day. The loft in the other son’s unit functionally separates the bedroom from the sitting, yet is visually and physically connected.

At Night, since the lights have been strategically placed underneath the decks, it enhances the floating effect. The two elements work in coherence with the vertical elements to bring about a balanced equation.

All the parameters incorporated in this design work in harmony with each other to give the residence a character of its own.



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