NCA THESIS: Final year B.Arch session 2010

Text & Photography by: Sahar Saqlain

National College of Arts inaugurated its five-day long thesis display of final year students in all the ongoing disciplines on Wednesday, January 26th, 2011. The work was displayed throughout the college premises. It remained the centre of attention not only for the students from other colleges & universities but also from other cities. An overwhelming response by the professionals across the country was also seen at the venue.

The topics chosen by most of the architecture students showed a relative connection with the environment & society along with working on challenging questions by creating architecture that actually reforms thereby analyzing the current needs & highlighting the key issues of the society. The display continued till January 30, 2011.

The juries were conducted on January 24th & 25th, 2011 with a total of 50 students appearing in architecture this year. The results of the Final Project (Thesis) session 2010 of Fifth year Architecture has been declared. The detail of outstanding students along with a brief description of their work is as follows:

Ahmad Amin: Thesis topic: Mobile Theatre
This Mobile theatre is the best example of the Transportable architecture. By taking move-ability into account unlike conventional buildings; a standard size shipping container has been transformed through various ways into different spaces.

Arsalan Rafique: Thesis topic: Territorial Architecture
This student believes in that the Digital design is no more a Utopian idea but is being considered as a most apt design tool when the complexity & intricacy of the relationship between human & environment has to be shown. Architecture is a testimony to the ingenuity of human mind which itself is complex to the core. The complex specialty of each & every building to its context pushes us towards a new paradigm - Territorial architecture.

Zahra Hasib: Thesis topic: Embracing New Urbanism as a New Paradigm
This project is a proposal of making the cities, streets & neighborhood for the people & not for the machines (automobiles, vehicles) as it currently is.

Nayha Nawab: Thesis topic: M.M.Alam road - Urban Concourse
Evaluation of M.M.Alam road as an unplanned commercial spine needs a concourse, where intervention along this area would re-define its role as a destination point by stimulating pedestrian activity along the corridor that would play a major role in place making & interact with city's plan to create event spaces.

Zohaib Ashraf Rajpoo: Thesis topic: Biological Resource Centre
This individual believes in that the structures in nature are a great lesson for human study. Close examination of these can be rewarding & surprising. The main objective being finding the engine of life i-e: the principles on which the nature is working for its implementation in design & secondly to explore different layers of bio-mimicry. If we adopt nature's design methodologies we will not only make great progress but through reverse process we can find adaptive solutions to both common & complex issues.

Qazi Saeeduddin Shariq: Thesis topic: Generative growth in Architecture
A bright individual having done detailed study on fractural growth; considering both the building & user as an agent of change. Using variables & programming to represent volumes of different space types. Primary objective of the thesis being to find a design process that has the inherent qualities of adaptation & self-organization; that learns as a dynamic system; that has the fractal quality in its details; to achieve a higher human level of command that can take us beyond our human capacities of design.

Zeeshan Raza - Thesis topic: Juvenile Reform School
It's time to bring a reform. The project takes its ideological beginning from hypothesis that repressive environment stilts creativity & an awareness of nature & the discovery of new horizons inspire hope & a desire for change. This makes the core of the project, creating architecture that actually reforms.

Hafia Javed - Thesis topic: The Information Bazaar - IT
There is no doubt that the world is changing into a global village & the Information technology is key to it. The area where IT is not available suffers from a digital divide. However it is not simply because of lack of hardware but it is a cultural divide. This thesis is about an in depth analysis of Faisal Colony of Islamabad that how traditional spaces of information can be merged with IT to evoke learning & create new opportunities for the people living there.

Syeda Anum Tariq - Thesis topic: Karachi Waterfront development
This thesis highlights ways to integrate & employ water in architecture in the most effective manner & to generate behavioral activities that affect & are affected by the spatial implications & to foster a pattern of development in the Karachi waterfront area that enhances community character & preserves open spaces.

Fatima Babar - Thesis topic: Re-configuring Railway Station Lahore
The idea is to identify the reasons for the shifts occurring in the pattern of development in an urban area i-e: establishing a relationship between the historic spatial structure & current structure. This is done by exploring ways in which the development force caused by this new station can be analyzed to enrich the area instead of splintering it.

Faizan Sami - Thesis topic: Muzzafarabad Transport Hub
Transportation represents one of the greatest developments & the progress of human kind throughout the world history. Transport hub acts as a coordinating & integrating structure in the highway network. It is the operational origin & destination of the traffic. It serves as a connection between the passengers & transport vehicles. It also plays a vital role in the development & growth of an urban centre.

Ameera Agha Khan - Thesis topic: Children Hospital
This thesis explores means by which design & architecture can be used to help children in times of distress in a healthcare setting. The focus of the study remains on providing therapeutic environment to the children & to increase operational efficiency with respect to the functional needs of the system.

Mohsin Riaz - Thesis topic: The Lahore Museum-Reworking
This is an architectural endeavor where in order to realize the influence of the notion of architecture on its surroundings; form, space & order along with various conditions of the context play a vital role.

M. Zeeshan Zaheer - Thesis topic: Lahore Autodrome (Extension Sports City)
A racing vehicle intakes air into the radiator; oxygen from the air is used for combustion; if the air isn't taken in properly the combustion process won't occur properly & hence the performance of the vehicle will be compromised. Tubes channelize air to the A/C. Aerodynamics of the vehicle is designed in order to doge the extra air as it gives unwanted air friction.

Syed Saadat Ali Shan - Thesis topic: Railway System Islamabad
This thesis is part of the wide ranging survey in Islamabad in search for suitable site for the capital's railway station. The research is part of the struggle & charts the changing styles in accommodating the modern technology & decoration of the future railway station. The facilities offered to the people who work there & the travelers who pass through the railway stations are as vital as the building itself.