Maiz, Kursi, Waghera Celebrating Wood


By Ar. Beenish Tariq

Islamabad saw a relatively unconventional exhibition on the 1st and 2nd of August, 2015 at the well-known ‘My Art World’ gallery in F-6/3.

A very young architect, Sundas Shahid who is a graduate of National College of Arts (NCA), Rawalpindi showcased her designed furniture.

She mostly used wood that is put aside as scrap and made into marvelous furniture, subtracting and adding to a piece when she felt the need. Forty three pieces were put up at the gallery and they ranged from wall clocks to side tables and chairs. Sundas gave every item a unique name too. For example, ‘Clover’, ‘Inclination’ and a series of items are called ‘Fishtail’. The names stem from what she sees in each of her piece. The viewer can also relate to each name when he sees the furniture item.

Pieces of furniture that are fancied by every home owner were seen at the exhibit; with the refined aesthetic of an architect who understands the value of space and the sanctity of its décor. The functional pieces were visibly dominated by the retention of wood’s natural character. The aesthetic seen in each design depicted the architect’s fondness for wood as a material. It is easy to notice that she celebrates the imperfection and inundations of wood; forcing no shape on it yet transforming it into something that makes space more homely. As for each chair and table she adds to it a new dimension by giving a more finished look to the wood in use.

The furniture is as organic as can be and every piece of it is a story in itself. Where symmetry catches the eye in one piece, the emphasis on the natural grain of the material captivates in another.

It is refreshing to see young architects venturing into furniture design. They are helping in opening up new avenues of creativity for the entire architectural fraternity. After all, there are always possibilities in design; they just need exploration.


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