ARCHI TIMES - ISSN No. 2073-9001, A+i - ISSN No. 2073 - 901X


ARCHI TIMES & ARCHITECTURE + INTERIORS (A+I) are the only architectural publications publish from Pakistan and the only source of professional knowledge and information.

ARCHI TIMES is the monthly publication, which covers the current news, events and latest happenings in the field. ARCHI TIMES also promotes the Architects by publishing their interviews and work every month. Architects who have been working for last sixty years got a chance first time to express themselves and show their work through ARCHI TIMES.

ARCHI TIMES is widely circulated amongst architects, town planners, engineers, builders, developers, contractors, interior designers, and other senior management's in building civil engineering, universities, libraries etc.

ARCHITECTURE + INTERIORS (A+ I) is the only architectural magazine, which mainly covers the architectural projects and the only source to document the work of Pakistani architects in 60 years of Pakistan's history. Prime objective of A+I is to document the valuable work of architects and quality projects. It provided the Architects of Pakistan a chance first time in the history to share their work with other professionals, young architects and students.

A+I focuses on architecture, design and interiors. The magazine is distributed to architects, engineers, building industry professionals, academics and VIPs. What's more, A+I is an eagerly snapped up by the public from leading bookshops.