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IAP-Kausar Bashir Ahmad Award 2015 Held in IAPEX Peshawar

PESHAWAR: From amongst the sixteen entries received for the IAP-Kausar Bashir Ahmad Award 2015, fifteen entries were reviewed by the jury who unanimously declared the thesis titled, ‘Architecture; Encouraging Revenue and Entrepreneurship’ by Murtaza Quaid Kanchwala. The announcement was made by the Chairman Board of Architectural Education (BAE), Ar. MuradJamil at a graceful ceremony held on May 24, 2015 during inaugural session of IAPex Peshawar.

Murtaza Quaid Kanchwala Receives Cash Prize for IAP-Kausar Bashir Ahmad Award 2015. L to R: Ar. Sikander Hayat Khan, Ar. Naveed Aslam, Ar. Murad Jamil, Ar. Irfan Mohsin, Ar. Jahangir Khan, Dr. Noman Ahmed, Ar. Ahmed Pervez Mirza, Ar. Majid Khan and Ar. Rehan Chauhdry

Murtaza Quaid Kanchwala Receives Cash Prize for IAP-Kausar Bashir Ahmad Award 2015. L to R: Ar. Sikander Hayat Khan, Ar. Naveed Aslam, Ar. Murad Jamil, Ar. Irfan Mohsin, Ar. Jahangir Khan, Dr. Noman Ahmed, Ar. Ahmed Pervez Mirza, Ar. Majid Khan and Ar. Rehan Chauhdry

By Farida G
Award Convenor KBA CARE

Jointly instituted in 2012 by IAP (Institute of Architects Pakistan) and KBA CARE (Kausar Bashir Ahmad Center for Architecture, Research and Education), IAP-Kausar Bashir Ahmad Award is conferred annually to the best thesis design work in the domain of socially responsive architectural design. All accredited schools imparting architectural education in Pakistan are invited to send maximum two nominations for this Award. The Award comprises of a gold medal and Rs. 25,000/= cash prize. This year, it was the third cycle of the Award for the year 2014-15 which was hosted by IAP-Peshawar Chapter.

The Award conferment took place during inaugural session of IAPex Peshawar in the presence of prominent architects of the region, students and faculty from regional schools of architecture and executive members of IAP National Council and IAP Peshawar Chapter. Ar. Irfan Mohsin, senior architect from KPK graced the occasion as the Chief Guest.

IAPEX Peshawar

To enlighten the audience with the profile and achievement of the iconic personality of Prof. Kausar Bashir Ahmad, the President KBA CARE, Prof. Dr. Noman Ahmed presented his work before the audience. He threw light on the life-long achievements of Prof. Kausar Bashir Ahmed.”Socially responsive architecture was considered as the core philosophy adopted and promoted by KBA”, said Noman Ahmed who further told the participants that Kausar Bashir believed that the profession of architecture should not be confined to a particular segment of the society. Socially Responsive Architecture offers a platform where architects can become a part of the community of social entrepreneurs, explained Dr. Noman Ahmed. He also threw light on the objectives of KBA-CARE Trust which was established in May 2002 to support the Research and Education initiatives at the schools of architecture and to honor and acknowledge the dedicated services of Prof. Kausar Bashir Ahmad towards architecture, education, research and academic ventures of his more than 2 decades of involvement with profession & education. He told the participants that a Board of Trustees is responsible to work for the aims and objectives of the KBA-CARE Trust. The Board members are:

Ar. Noman Ahmed – President/ Member/ Trustee
Ar. Maria Aslam – Hon. Secretary / Member/ Trustee
Ar. Farida Abdul Ghaffar – Hon. Treasurer/ Member
Ar. Anila Naeem – Member/ Trustee
Ar. Anjum Adil – Member/ Trustee
Ar. Khadija Jamal Shaban – Member/ Trustee
Ar. Muhammad Ashraf Shanjer – Member/ Trustee
Ar. Murad Jamil – Member/ Trustee
Ar. Perveen Rahman (Late) – Member/ Trustee
Ar. Shahab Ghani Khan – Member/ Trustee

His presentation was followed up by a digital screen display of the nominations received for this Award by the Award Convenor, Ar. Farida Abdul Ghaffar. She briefed about the Award process and the jury which was composed of following professionals:

* Ar. Arif Hasan – Nominee KBA CARE (Jury Chair)
* Ar. Mujahid Sadiq – Representative of the President IAP
* Ar. Murad Jamil – Chairman Board of Architectural Education
* Ar. Arshad Faruqui – Nominee IAP National Council
* Ar. Muhammad Imran Khan – Nominee KBA CARE

She informed the participants that seventeen accredited schools of architecture as per the list provided by the Pakistan Council of Architects & Town Planners (PCATP) were invited throughout Pakistan to nominate the best thesis projects under the domain of Socially Responsive Architecture. Maximum two entries were requested from each school and in return 16 entries were received from ten schools. The Jury reviewed 15 out of 16 entries. One entry was declared disqualified as the applicant did not hold IAP Membership at that time which was a mandatory requirement to participate in the process. Following projects were presented before the Jury.

Jurors found number of interesting projects but often the objectives were not clearly defined and not formed the basis of proper research agenda. Also in many cases, the architectural design was not sympathetic to physical and social environment. However three projects were found outstanding. One of which was selected for IAP-Kausar Bashir Ahmad Award 2015 and other was given an honorable mention.

After flashing all entries before the audience, Ar. MuradJamil, Chairman BAE was invited to announce the winning entry and read citation as concluded by the Jury.

The winner, Murtaza Quaid was presented cash prize and gold medal by the President IAP Ar. Jahangir Khan SherPao who was accompanied by the Senior Architect IrfanMohsin, Chairman IAP Peshawar Chapter Ar. Majid Khan, Convenor IAPex Peshawar Ar. Rehan Chauhdry, President KBA CARE Dr. Noman Ahmed, Chairman BAE Ar. Murad Jamil, Chairman IAP Lahore Chapter Ar. Ahmed Pervez Mirza, Chairman IAP Rawalpindi/ Islamabad Chapter Ar. Naveed Aslam and Chairman PCATP Ar. Sikander Hayat Khan.

On this occasion, the President IAP Ar. Jahangir Khan Sherpao appreciated the efforts of the committee who is setting high standard making this Award a prestigious honor for the schools and students working in the field of socially responsive architecture. While congratulating the winner, he said, “Qualitative work and efforts always shine and stand out. I wish you perseverance throughout your life. Your personal interest in social responsibility is commendable. Kindly keep the flame alive”.

Citation for winning entries was read out by the Chairman Board of Architectural Education (BAE), Ar. Murad Jamil as follows:

“For the most outstanding Thesis Project on ‘Socially Responsive Architecture’, the jury unanimously selected the entry of Murtaza Quaid Kanchwala of the University of Karachi, for the project titled ‘Architecture; Encouraging Revenue and Entrepreneurship’.

This project manifests the philosophy of socially responsive architecture whose architectural response is based upon a detailed research on working conditions and the physical environment. The subject of research is a small shop whose physical and social functions have been studied leading to improvement and expansion of the shop. The design successfully takes into consideration trading, working and the larger neighbourhood environment. Though it is a micro level study, the design principles it developed are applicable to most shopping areas of low and low-middle income settlements. The design can be promoted for replicable purposes.

Necessary architectural details are worked out meticulously and indicate the depth of understanding of the project. The presentation communicates the design concept very clearly through beautifully rendered sketches and skilfully developed 3-D images.”

The honorable mention is given to Soha Abdul Rahman Macktoom of NED University of Engineering and Technology, Karachi for her thesis titled as ‘Inclusiveness in Architecture; Exploring the social model of disability’.

The background research for the project is very thorough and shows a sensitive understanding of the residents of the subject and its relationship to physical form. However, a less formal design would serve the objectives of the project better.

IAPex Peshawar IAPex Peshawar IAPex Peshawar IAPex Peshawar IAPex Peshawar


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