Title: Architecture + Interiors 31st Issue
Cover: Award Winning Residence by Ar. Najeeb Umar
ISSN: 2073-901x
Published by ARCH PRESS


This issue of A+I brings together a range of project types from religious to institutional to restaurants and residences. We present the beautiful, contemporary Al-Irsyad Mosque from Indonesia, which questions the conventional notions of form and ornamentation associated with mosques. This mosque is a simple cube, like the Kaaba, without a dome and with stacked stones defining the calligraphy on the facades. The interior spaces are minimalist and contemplative.

Also featured are the renovations and additions to the Institute of Business Administration (IBA) campus by Ar. Hanif Daud and Ar. Saman Mahmood of ICON. Two restaurants that combine contemporary architecture with regional flavor are showcased – the Junoon Restaurant in NYC by US-based Indian architect Tarik Currimbhoy and the Verandah Bistro in Lahore by Kamran Sheikh.

Readers will find a varied selection of residences amongst these pages, most importantly the award-winning house by Najeeb Omar, which also features on the cover. This house in Karachi, which epitomizes the amalgamation of architecture and nature while addressing important contextual issues like privacy and security recently won the IAP Award for Excellence in Architecture. Other residential projects include a house by Ar. Ali Naqvi, the Brick Kiln house from India and Ar. Murad Jamil’s hosue which features as part of our regular feature ‘Architect’s Own House’.

With such an assortment of projects, we hope to inspire you regardless of your taste and interest in Architecture and Interiors.

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