Architecture Department CECOS University Peshawar Conducts teachers training workshop

architectural teacher training

Ar. Marwat Khan

The department of Architecture CECOS University of I.T. & Emerging Sciences Peshawar achieved a milestone by conducting training workshop for all the faculty of Architecture Department. The workshop was organized in consultation with the Chairman Board of Architectural Education (BAE) Ar. Arshad Faruqui. The theme of the teachers training workshop was “Teaching Pedagogy and Outcome Based Education”.

The faculty training workshop was arranged at the Department of Architecture CECOS University July 27, 2017. Ar. Fariha Amjad Ubaid (Associate Professor) NED University Karachi conducted the training workshop at CECOS University Peshawar. The workshop was organized with an aim to prepare the faculty members of Architecture department to adopt modern approach in teaching pedagogy and imparting outcome based knowledge to the students.

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The workshop commenced with the recitation of verses from the Holy Quran, followed by the welcome address of the Chairman of Architecture Department Ar. Adnan Ahmed Khan. The Chairman welcomed Ar. Fariha Amjad Ubaid to CECOS University and extended sincere gratitude to her on behalf of the faculty Architecture department for conducting the teachers’ training workshop.

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The welcome address of the Chairman was followed by a brief introduction by the trainer and later on each faculty member introduced themselves. The introduction session was unique and very interesting.

The day long training was scheduled for three sessions. The 1st session was about the objectives, handout, and teacher behavior in the class. Session-I commenced from 10:00 AM and concluded at 11:00 AM followed by a short refreshment break.

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Session-II of the training workshop was about the recognition of student learning capabilities and their aptitude as visual learner auditory learner and kinesthetic learner. In this session the faculty learned that the responsibility of the teacher is to focus on every individual student and assess their abilities of students in the class according to their mind set, responsiveness towards the subject and level of determination to deliver better results.

In session-III the trainer asked the participants of the training to form groups and gave them tasks to identify the characteristics, of the students. The group work was based on formulating teaching strategies and learning strategy for the class. All the three sessions were interactive, very informative and productive. The participants of the training took great interest in the workshop and expressed determination to implement the strategies formulated during the workshop in the real situation while conducting classes with the students. All the faculty members valued the teaching approach of the trainer Ar. Fariha Amjad Ubaid and showed appreciation for the awareness created during the training workshop regarding teaching pedagogy.

The workshop concluded with the certificate distribution ceremony among the participants by the Vice Chancellor CECOS University Professor Dr. Riaz Ahmad Khattak.

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