Title: Architecture + Interiors 30th Issue
Cover: S. A. Residence
ISSN: 2073-901x
Published by ARCH PRESS


The New Year is a time for change and for turning over a new leaf – and A+I is doing so quite literally by introducing a new page size. We hope that our readers will like the bigger page size which allows us to print pictures in a larger format and present the projects more clearly.
It is also a time for resolutions. Ours is to keep you informed and inspired by bringing you the best and latest projects from across the region and around the globe.
We begin our first issue of the year with an overview of the upcoming development work at Islam’s holiest site, the Ka’aba in Mecca, where large-scale expansion and reorganization is ongoing, involving some of the most prominent architects and architectural firms in the world. We also cover in this issue the Masdar City project, which is a watershed project in the world of sustainable design. Situated just outside Abu Dhabi, the development will showcase the latest in clean technology and renewable energy.
This issue also includes some exemplary residential projects from South-east Asia, the Middle East and elsewhere. Foremost amongst them is a residence by Bangladeshi Architect Rafiq Azam, who is hailed by some as the most important architect of the 21st century. The project, which features on the cover of the magazine, has on occasion been listed as one of the most beautiful buildings in the world. We hope that Azam’s effortless blend of Modern architectural geometry with regional planning and architectural elements will give our readers plenty of food for thought.
Also featured is a house in Amman, Jordan by Symbiosis Designs which reflects the topography and geography of its context. A small and vibrant apartment interior by Indian Architect Husna Rahaman in Bengaluru is set against a luxury Tuscan villa designed by glamorous L.A. based architect Tony Ashai as his personal residence.

We wish our readers a happy New Year.

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