We have a highly-valued audience for our highly-valued advertisers. Our readers from across the country and around the world are Architects, Planners, Engineers, Builders and Developers, Contractors, Interior Designers, architecture students, Building Materials Manufactures and Other Senior Management’s in Building Civil Engineering, Public Works Design and Construction and Government Department and other related consumers.

Advertising Opportunities:
By advertising your organization will get a unique opportunity to promote your corporate image, services and products, there by increasing the effectiveness of your advertising and promotional message.

Our innovative advertising options offer maximum exposure. We offer content that is highly engaging and relevant to users, giving advertisers the ability to market their brand to a highly targeted audience.

Print Ad specifications:
For advertisement tariff, please contact: or

All images/complete ads including logos should be provided in:

• Color: CMYK
• Format: Adobe Illustrator (type converted to paths), Photoshop or PDF files
• Resolution: minimum 300 pixels per inch
ARCHI TIMES Size: full page ad: 26 X 40 cms or half page ad: 20 x 27 cms
A+I – Size: full page ad: 26 x 33 cms or double spread page ad: 52 x 33 cms
• Bleed: 5mm

Online Ad types & specifications:
All available advertising placements follow the guidelines.

Header Banner:
Dimensions: 468×60 pixels
Maximum File Size: 40k
Must have a border 1 minimum pixel

Side Skyscraper:
Dimensions: 120×600 pixels
Maximum File Size: 40k
Must have a border 1 minimum pixel

Sidebar Rectangle
Dimensions: 300×250 pixels
Maximum File Size: 40k
Must have a border 1 minimum pixel

We accept creative files in these formats:

• GIF static image (.gif)
• GIF animated image (.gif)
• JPEG image (.jpg)
• Flash movie (.swf)

Contact for all Marketing/Advertising enquiries:

Write us email at or call us: +92 301 2195367

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